Built Heritage

English Road

The "English Road" is a network of rugged mountain roads delineated by the British Army in the high mountains of Dannieh and Akkar during World War II. The roads were built to access forests and harvest cedar and fir timber to build the railway on the Lebanese coast. The "English Road" extends through the Dannieh high mountains from Jairoun to Brissa. Visitors to the Dannieh Lazzab Nature Reserve can walk parts of this road, near Arz Najib on designated trails 1 and 2.

Characteristics and features

  • Road length inside the Dannieh Lazzab Nature Reserve is about 10 km.
  • Road width is about 2-3 meters.
  • Height of the support walls of some curves is about 5 meters.
  • The British Army used Juniper trunks to strengthen the road support walls.

Preserving the English Road The English Road is an important historical and cultural monument from the World War II period. It is a unique engineering model that shows the ancient art of mountain road engineering and must be maintained and protected. The use of 4x4 vehicles must be regulated here in order to avoid damaging the road.